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Sheltered: Two Visions of Canopy Design

Text by Johnny Choi & Michael Lee

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Published by Asia One Books
Text by: Johnny Choi & Michael Lee
July 2011
300 x 200mm
1.50 kg
226 pages
Perfect binding



Usually placed outside the entrance of a building, canopies serve the practical purpose of protecting those entering and exiting from the elements. Just as importantly, as the first and last thing a person encounters in a building, canopies are an essential aesthetic element of architecture. In Sheltered: Two Visions of Canopy Design, façade designers Johnny Choi and Michael Lee walk the reader under, over and through a selection of their most interesting canopy projects in Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai. As well as showcasing the finished product, the authors recount the evolution of their designs through sketches, renderings, and succinct but informatively written project descriptions. In each case, a remarkable picture emerges of the sophisticated balance of material, form, engineering and proportion that constitute these outwardly simple structures.


About Johnny Choi & Michael Lee

Johnny Choi
Johnny Choi began his career in construction with a British consulting firm after graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic in the early 1980s. He later joined a Japanese cur tain wall company and travelled to Japan for intensive training in design and fabrication techniques. Since then, Choi has accumulated almost three decades’ of experience in the design, fabrication and construction of façades. As well as his extensive work in Hong Kong, he has contributed his design and construction expertise to projects around the Asia Pacific region, Australia, and the USA. Choi was also involved in establishing curtain wall fabrication facilities in China. Choi joined Permasteelisa Hong Kong Ltd in 1998 and has worked as its director since 2007. In 2009, he was elected president of The Hong Kong Façade Association, and as of 2011, also serves on the Steering Committee for The Open University of Hong Kong’s ‘Professional Diploma in Façade Engineering & Management’ programme.

Michael Lee
An active and eminent façade designer, Michael Lee graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1980 with a major in Mechanical Engineering and went on to complete his MBA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1995. Since then, he has participated in the design and construction of unique façades around the globe, including in the Middle East, America, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Currently, he is director of Merry Ocean Façade Technologies Limited, a firm he established in 2000. Lee joined The Hong Kong Façade Association in 2010 as a Council Member, and assists in the ‘Professional Diploma in Façade Engineering & Management’ programme at The Open University of Hong Kong. In 2010 he became the Honorary President of the Suxin Curtain Wall Design & Research Institute, Suzhou University of Science and Technology.