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Bunny Whispers

By Ethel Chow,

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Published by Asia One Books & Alazizi Ltd.
By: Ethel Chow,
February 2014
243 x 248 mm
0.80 kg
32 pages



In the middle of an enchanted forest, a little bunny discovers a set of bear footprints. The news spreads like fire, and with the bunnies’ imaginations going wild, soon everyone is terrified. Every mishap in the forest is blamed on the evildoings of a monstrous bear. Will there be no more peace and quiet in bunny world?

Bunny Whispers tells a simple yet ingenious story about how easily rumours spread and disrupt everyday life, and will bring a knowing smile to your lips.


About the illustrator

Leafy forests and the cuddly creatures of the woods all have a place in Ethel Chow’s innocent heart. Chow magically intertwines life’s most telling moments into tales with a unique illustrative twist; simple yet engagingly expressive, there is more to the depth to her works than what initially meets the eye.

As an illustration graduate of the Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London, Chow completed her studies at Kingston University with a postgraduate degree in illustration. Her opportunity to intern for renowned British knitwear designer Donna Wilson was a pivotal moment in her development as a multitalented artist. Besides illustration, Chow also expresses herself through photography and her own knitted creations.