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The Kwik Adventures of Baxter Brave and Tommy the Salami

By Derek Kwik
Illustration by Isabel Chun

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Published by Derek Kwik
By: Derek Kwik
Illustration by: Isabel Chun
December 2011
210 x 297mm
0.10 kg
104 pages




The Kwik Adventures of Baxter Brave and Tommy the Salami is the first adventure book of its kind for children between the ages of 4-8 years old.

The story follows the around-the-world journey of a young boy (Baxter Brave) and his faithful dog (Tommy the Salami). The two live behind the concrete walls of Hong Kong and dream of mystery and adventure in far away lands.

With their survival gear in a backpack, including a compass, sleeping bag, a box of matches and ski goggles, they leave the cosmopolitan city and travel on foot to some of the harshest terrains on Earth (desert, ocean, jungle and mountains).

The oven-baking hot desert is their first destination where they become lost after encountering a fierce sand storm. In the next chapter, they row a boat across the sea and are caught by a massive storm that threatens to capsize their small vessel in the shark infested waters. The dense and foreboding jungle presents the next escapade of a large snake and gorilla. In the final chapter, the two battle a furious snow storm and ascend snow covered mountains before returning to civilization, Hong Kong.

This book chronicles the journeys of the author, Derek Kwik, the world's first Chinese person to run across 7 deserts, 2 jungles and 2 mountains. The illustrations are vividly drawn in full color by a high school student, Isabel Chun.

The book serves to instill confidence in our younger generation and awareness to animal welfare; and also the appreciation of the Earth's limited natural resources.

*** Sales profit will be donated to SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) ***