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The Tiny Hat

By Ingrid Chabbert
Illustration by Marjorie Béal

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Published by Asia One Books
By: Ingrid Chabbert
Illustration by: Marjorie Béal
February 2015
250 x 255mm
0.20 kg
30 pages




A bear wears a tiny hat which is much too small for him. In fact, it’s so small that it may fall off at any moment. The hat itself bored and dreams of travelling on many heads. So one day, the kindhearted bear leaves his tiny hat in a park, hoping that it will find a head to its liking. As time passes, the bear tries on plenty of other headwear, but finds himself missing his tiny hat. He is inconsolable until one sunny morning, looking through the window, he discovers a wonderful surprise.


About the Author and Illustrator

Although Ingrid Chabbert had not received any higher education in literature and arts, her talent was ignited at young age, when she started writing and telling stories everywhere she goes. In 2010, she officially became a young author with her first albums and novels launched! Published by Alice Editions, her works include Un jour, mes parents viendront ( 'One day, my parents will come' ) and L'oiseau de papier ( 'Bird of Paper').

Being an author plus illustrator, Marjorie Béal, the mother of two twins, currently resides in Bordeaux. Her passion about graphic arts and children's literature is expressed with creative rhythms of heart strokes and meetings, which is prominent in many of her projects. As an illustrator, she is believed to have this enthusiastic energy to appreciate life. Her publications include Frimousse, La Martinière, Stone in the O, Nonsense, Little berets, Tourbillon etc.