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Where Time Turns Black 《流光。時黑》

By Agnes Ku 谷淑美
Text by Agnes Ku 谷淑美
Photography by Agnes Ku 谷淑美

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By: Agnes Ku 谷淑美
Text by: Agnes Ku 谷淑美
Photography by: Agnes Ku 谷淑美
284mm (W) x 218mm (H)
1.20 kg
180 pages
Case Bound


Book Summary 書籍簡介

《流光。時黑》''Where Time Turns Black''
The book, authored by a university professor, features a creative blend of photography and writing in reflecting on the connection among time, memory, places and ageing. She uses visual language to set free another dimension of the time narrative. Entering into her elderly mother’s lost memory space, returning to the old district where she spent her childhood, the artist looks around in the city and finds things not entirely familiar. The symptoms that result from the development of collective hysteria led her to contemplate existence and essence, and in these times of lost context, to leave a personal footnote. Her lens gently plays over the passage of time, yet also deviates from the strict order of classicism, inadvertently leaving irreparable lacunae in the image. In her pictures she deliberately expresses “blackness" as a kind of image data failure—it is not a silence in the discourse, even less does it suggest a certain referent, rather it is the absence of some matrix. The panoramic shooting mode pulls the turbulent flow of mood changes, the touch is delicate and smooth, but the content shows an irregular, rhythmic pattern, the image highlighting the data failure. This ambiguous visual rhetoric vaguely suggests the artist’s deep thinking, revealing the convergence and entanglement between her inner world and external circumstances.

作者是一位大學教授,結合攝影和寫作,以嶄新的角度思考時間、記憶、地方和老年的連繫。影像話語釋放出異次元的空間敘述。墮進年邁母親所遺失的記憶空間內,重返孩童時曾生活的舊區,藝術家環顧城市四周,發現眼前景物不盡熟悉,一種集體的癔症徵狀,誘發她對存在與本質的沉思冥想,在這個失去了脈絡的時代,留下了個人的註腳。作品以鏡頭輕撫流逝中的時間,卻又偏離古典主義的嚴密秩序,留下那驀然間無法修補的影像缺失。圖片中著意表達的「留黑」,是一種圖像上的上的數據失效──它既非話語中的緘默狀態,更不暗示某些指涉對象, 而是某些基質的缺席。以全景拍攝模式牽引起湍流中的情緒波動,手法細膩流暢,但內容上卻又摺疊錯落,甚至突顯圖像上的數據失效。這些隱晦的影像修辭,隱現著藝術家深層的思考力度,透露出個人內心世界與外在境遇的交匯與糾結。


About the Author 作者簡介

Agnes Shuk-mei Ku
Graduated from the University of Hong Kong and received her PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles in the United States. She is now Associate Professor of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her academic research covers culture, identity, urban space and the public sphere. She also completed a postgraduate diploma program in photography in 2016, and held her first solo photo exhibition in 2017.