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Heart on the Hearth《澆心集》

By Dr MK Chan

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By: Dr MK Chan
September 2011
130 x 210mm
1.50 kg
278 pages



Heart on the Hearth is one of the most recent additions to Dr MK Chan’s well-received series of poetry collections. Chan’s signature style is reminiscent of the literati, his works being imbued with thought-provoking trivia on modern life within a classical form and structure. Each piece is elegantly presented in plain Chinese, and in some cases accompanied by the author’s own English translation.

Revisiting his exhibition ‘Impulses in Ink – Pulses’ that featured a wide range of his latest poems, couplets and calligraphy, Heart on the Hearth not only brings to life the spirit and lyrical beauty of traditional Chinese poetry, but embraces every reader with the author’s own genuine affinity for the form.


About the author

Born in 1947, Dr MK Chan is a native of Jinjiang, Fujianin. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, in 1972, specialising in nephrology. He has been passionate about classical Chinese poetry since his childhood, and has evolved his own signature style – reminiscent of the classics, yet with a hint of modernity.

Among a wide range of Chinese calligraphy styles, Chan specialises in the most expressive – cursive script. His strokes are elegant, dynamic and full of personal characteristics, imbuing his poetic work with vibrancy.