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Contemporary Art in Hong Kong

By Caroline Ha Thuc

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Co-Published by Asia One Books & Nouvelles Éditions Scala
By: Caroline Ha Thuc
March 2013
165 x 205 mm
0.80 kg
128 pages
Perfect binding



The last decade has seen Hong Kong blossom into one of Asia’s true artistic hotspots, with its galleries, art projects and fairs now flourishing along with local and international audiences. At the centre of this cultural renaissance are the artists themselves – working as both products and interpreters of Hong Kong’s complex historical legacy. Though often finding themselves at odds with society’s values, they have developed a wholly unique genre of art that acts as a vital bridge between a place and its people.

The artist's interviews in Contemporary Art in Hong Kong expose the countless links between history, culture and identity – as well as Ha Thuc’s conviction that art not only reflects society, but can also mould it.


About Caroline Ha Thuc

Caroline Ha Thuc is a French art writer whose work has been published in ArtPress magazine in France and Pipeline Magazine in Hong Kong. Moving constantly between Paris and Tokyo via London, her path takes her to some of the world’s most innovative artists as she strives to understand their work and their connection to society.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Ha Thuc spent two years in Japan and published a book about post-Murakami contemporary Japanese art. She is currently working on a new book examining the role of contemporary art in China’s rapidly changing society.