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Hong Kong (2nd edition)

By Alon Garty

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Published by Asia One Books
By: Alon Garty
January 2014
228 x 305mm
1.20 kg
176 pages



This is the second edition of the book - Hong Kong.

This book invites you to open your eyes to the pent-up energy and obscure facets of Hong Kong life. With a penchant for exploring the nooks and crannies of the city, Alon weaves an impulsive trail through wet markets and back alleys to record the gritty dynamism of his adopted home, finding beauty in both the mundane and the sublime with his inventively angled shots. Through his lens, each scene is imbued with a life of its own, celebrating an intriguing mix of characters and the extreme contrasts that make Hong Kong such a captivating mishmash.

Alon Garty’s rich collection of photographs takes you on a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong. Some of Hong Kong’s most familiar buildings, scenarios and personalities are embraced in these images, but in a personal way that is unique to this photographer. They are a tribute to the Hong Kong he loves.


About Alon Garty

Alon Garty was born in Tel Aviv in 1980 and was raised in Israel, Italy and France. After working in Belgium for several years, he arrived in Hong Kong in 2008. His passion for photograph, however, had begun seven years earlier during his first visit to Southeast Asia. Since then, his wanderlust has taken him as far as West Africa, South America, Europe, Nepal and China.

Alon’s photography is guided by the Chinese proverb ‘the journey is the reward’. Always seeking new discoveries, for Alon it is the experience that counts – an attitude which infuses his unique style. Apart from documenting his travels in photographs, Alon has also written about Fiji, India and Ivory Coast for the Israeli travel magazine Masa Olami. His works have been exhibited in Israel, Belgium and Hong Kong, among other locations.