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Chronicle - A Hong Kong Diary from Tse Ming Chong (1989 - 2014) 《記述 - 謝明莊的香港日記( 1989 – 2014 )》

Edited by Tse Ming Chong (謝明莊)

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Published by Hong Kong Design Institute
Edited by: Tse Ming Chong (謝明莊)
May 2015
285 x 300 mm
1.90 kg
236 pages
Hard Cover精裝
English and Chinese 中英對照



History of Hong Kong through the crisscross relationships between the city and its people. As many as 20 artists and friends of Tse enriched Chronicle with their words. They include Dr. Ho Siu Kee, Associate Professor and Programme Director of the Master of Visual Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University, conceptual artist Ching Chin Wai, ceramic artist Fiona Wong, and visual artist Dr Stella Tang. They analysed the images with regard to time, city development or the background of the object in focus, providing additional facades for readers to appreciate the images.

《記述 - 謝明莊的香港日記(1989 - 2014)》是以攝影創作來回應香港過去四分一個世紀的變遷,書中選取的十多件作品,皆是過去二十五年來跟香港的脈搏有密切關係。內容分為兩個領域,主要是以攝影作品來展現作者對香港社會變遷的感受,其次是通過不同展示影像的方法思考攝影。《記述》附有20 名藝術家及與謝相識多年的朋友以文字回應謝氏的創作,從不同角度深入剖析攝影集的特點,當中包括香港浸會大學視覺藝術學院副教授及視覺藝術碩士課程總監何兆基博士、觀念藝術家程展偉、陶藝家黃麗貞及視覺藝術工作者鄧凝姿博士等。他們的文字提供影像以外的不同視野及角度,當中包括解構影像與城市發展、時間、世代甚至建築物本體等的微妙關係,令讀者看到作品更完整的一面。


About: Tse Ming Chong

Born in 1960, Tse Ming Chong has worked as a journalism photographer in Hong Kong since the 80s. He furthered his studies and graduated with an MA degree in Image & Communication form Goldsmiths College of the University of London in 2004. Tse has participated in various exhibitions worldwide; he has also carried out curatorship and has published various photography books. In 1995 Tse was awarded "Bronze Award / Kodak Award, Editorial" of Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographer Ltd. In 1997 he was awarded "Fellowship for Artistic Development - A photo-research of off-course Hong Kong Jockey Club Betting Centre" by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. His works are under the collection of the Hong Kong Museum Of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Film Archive.

《謝明莊 於 1960 年出生,八十年代在港從事新聞攝影工作,之後多番深造,於2004 年取得英國倫敦大學金匠學院傳播碩士資格,主修影像傳播。謝明莊的作品曾參與世界各地展覽,他亦多次參與策展及為作品出版攝影集。1995 年謝氏獲香港專業攝影師公會頒發「九五攝影年獎 - 出版」,1997 年獲香港藝術發展局頒發「視藝發展獎」。其作品獲香港藝館、香港文化博物館及香港電影資料館收藏。市發展、時間、世代甚至建築物本體等的微妙關係,令讀者看到作品更完整的一面。