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Sing Sing Rabbit

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Singsing Rabbit x Will Or” Travel Make Up Brush Set

By Sing Sing Rabbit ,Will Or

HK$ 368.00

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By: Sing Sing Rabbit ,Will Or
0.50 kg
Travel Make Up Brush Set collaborated with local famous make up artist Will Or.



Singsing Rabbit has a very unique fashion style, people always recognize by her star-marked eye make up. She decided to start up her beauty line with high demand on quality. She invited one of Hong Kong's most famous make up artist Will Or to do a special collaboration of a travel brush set. It was named "It's brush hour!" because she understood that even in our daily life rush hours, we still need to make ourselves beautiful. It is very important that we could own a set of good brushes that is convenient to bring along with us whilst in good quality. With great years of experience from Will and special beauty angle from Singsing Rabbit born this cutest, loveliest travel brush set ever.


About Sing Sing Rabbit

Singsing Rabbit loves to sing, create and is brave to break the rules. She is transformed from a lamp into a cartoon singer who represents the spirit of pursuing dreams, justice and hope. She believes that nothing is impossible because if you think you can, you can! She hopes to spread positive messages through different
ways, bringing the new generation a different kind of light.
Singsing Rabbit is a cartoon singer who wears a very big rabbit head. With an easy remembering name,
mysterious identity and amiable feeling makes her lovable by different age group fans. In the year of 2011, because of a special thought to create a song named <One Song Ten Sings> made her rocks on You-Tube and immediately became sweet heart of Taiwan media such as CTITV, NextMedia, Apple Daily News, etc. In 2012 she met Japan Big 3 artiste management company HoriPro and became junior sister of famous actress Haruka Ayase. In the year of 2013, HoriPro has helped her released her first debut Japanese song through HoriPro official channel.
It’s Singsing Rabbit’s 3rd anniversary in the year of 2014 and she has determined to bring her team to Australia and try to create pioneer. She successfully used a weather balloon to send her 3D figure and Japanese cover song <Cherry> to near space and became the first singer in the world to shoot near space music video. Immediately, both Hong Kong and Taiwan media widely broadcast the news which brings her fame back to Hong Kong.