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22cm X 7cm X 6cm
0.50 kg



100% recycled leather
Accessorize your pen with an exotic case
The perfect size for eyeliner pencils or eyebrow brush
Zipper in matching tones. Ideal for organizing office or school supplies such as pencils and fountain pens.


Leather Care

Methods of cleaning:
For mud or dust, wipe down with a damp soft cloth (like microfiber) then allow the product to dry. You can use some very diluted baby wash. Remember never apply cleaning agent directly to the product. For taugher stains you can try some very diluted alcohol. Make sure never to apply directly on the product and use a soft cloth to apply. Test on an inconspicuous area of the product first.

If the leather product gets wet, the best way is to wipe it with dry cloth and keep it away from direct sunlight and let it dry in a well-ventilated cool room.

When properly cared for a Paperthinks product will provide enjoyment for a long time.