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Technical Reference

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Android Photography

By Jolie Anne O'Dell

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Published by Ilex Press Ltd
By: Jolie Anne O'Dell
January, 2012
8.9 x 0.4 x 6.2 inches
0.32 kg
Paperback: 160 pages



The arrival of the Android smartphone is a revolution in the compact camera field: now the phone in your pocket is a powerful creative tool, with the digital processing power to turn any photo into something truly unique.

While the Android cameras themselves eclipse early digital models, what makes the camera really special is the way it lets you process your pictures in an app, before sending them straight to a waiting world or just your friends and family at a moment's notice.

This book takes the fun-and-free spirit of Lomography, and applies it to the camera that's already in your pocket. The best apps are listed, a wealth of inspirational case studies are included, and you'll be introduced to the most exciting mobile photography in the world.