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Metamorphosis – A different way of living

Text by Rosa S.C. Wong

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Published by Asia One Books
Text by: Rosa S.C. Wong
254 x 203 mm
0.80 kg
80 pages
Perfect Binding



This is not a guidebook in the broadest sense but a travelogue/memoir, colourfully illustrated with photographs for personal reflection and visual appreciation.
Art is not limited to museums and galleries. It is everywhere if you just look and listen to the deepest recesses of your heart - wherein lies your own canvas.
From a gloomy mindset of abjection to one full of hope and faith, this is an intimate account of a journey to a forgotten place of vastness and simplicity, a place of magnificence where nature and wildlife reign and inhabitants - forever grateful to the sacredness of the sanctuary - practice sustainable living in harmony. The author sees for the first time in her heart and soul, the abundance and blessings unconditionally endowed to all living creatures, while learning the true meaning of patience, compassion and humility.
Through this engaging inner journey, readers join the adventure as Rosa recounts her inner landscape of the mind, the joy and sorrow and the universal themes of love and fear.


About the author

Raised in Melbourne, Australia, Rosa Wong found her first job at the French Consulate in Hong Kong after graduation. She relocated to Toronto, Canada soon after, but found life a bit bland there. She then returned to Melbourne for her Masters Degree in Linguistics on scholarship. Rosa Wong has been teaching English in Hong Kong for a decade, taking most summers off for travel. This book is born out of her experiences at Findhorn, Scotland and London and she is planning to join the community for a longer sabbatical later this year.