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  • New Releases
    HK:PM. Hong Kong Night Life 1974-1989 is a stunning visual record of photographer Greg Girard’s earliest nocturnal w ...
  • Best seller
    Vertical Horizon 3rd Edition Vertical Horizon is a photographic journey between the buildings of a relentlessly ...
  • Editor's Pick
    Hong Kong's shop cats are the little emperors of their retail kingdoms. When photographer Marcel Heijnen moved to ...
  • Paper thinks
    Paperthink™ is a leading global brand of recycled leather notebooks, bags, accessories and stationery from the UK.
  • POSTalk
    Designed and made in Hong Kong, POSTalk presents innovative greeting card ideas in combination of LED light and advanced engraving technique.
  • Oowa by Jeanie Leung
    Oowa – a character created by local artist Jeanie Leung, is a child who always wears a beautiful smile in his face. He talks little but he always makes 'Oo' and 'Wa' sounds when he discovers something new.
  • AO: The Photo Book Center
    Specializing in photographic books since 2009, AO: The Photo Book Center collects a vast variety of categorized titles (including but not limited to) lifestyle, technical reference, erotic art, and works by renowned photographers. With more than 2400 titles from 300 international publishers, we offer an extensive photography collection in HK.
    Designed and made in Japan, Memooch is both tear-off memo and accessory. In the shape of a bowtie, you can attach the brooch to your bags or outfits as a statement piece.